Visit to Amanda Seafoods in Denmark

July 8th 2013

Visit to Amanda Seafoods in Denmark

Frankie’s developed the winning recipe using cod roe products and scooped a new category prize ‘The Amanda Seafood Challenge’ at the National Fish & Chip Awards 2013.

This prize included a trip to the sponsors of this award, Amanda Seafoods in Denmark where John Gold met with Morten Sander and was given a guided tour around the factory.

Morten Sander, export director at Amanda Seafoods said: "With this challenge and our sponsorship, Amanda Seafoods want to encourage the industry to focus on innovation, health and quality. By doing this, we also hope to attract even more consumers to the fish and chip shops."

They hope to sponsor the awards again in 2014 and we at Frankie’s would encourage all fish and chip shops to enter.

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