Top trade guild visit to Frankie's

September 8th 2016

Frankie’s played host to members of one of the country’s top trade guilds as they toured Shetland this week.

The Fishmongers Hall Company has its roots in medieval London and supports a wide range of fish and fisheries-related organisations.

Visiting members, accompanied by Martin Leyland of Shetland Seafood Auctions, enjoyed a selection of seafood and the chefs in the group were shown the fryer.

“It was lovely to welcome our latest visitors, and to draw on their extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry,” said Frankie’s manager Carlyn Kearney.

Andrew Wallace, the company’s freshwater director, who is based in Scotland, explained that staff were taken on annual trips around the world to familiarise them with all aspects of the industry they work in.

“We have an experienced team of chefs who have a reputation for producing high-quality food at our fabulous banqueting hall at London Bridge and it pays for them to have a deep understanding of fisheries around the world.”

Frankie’s success in being named the UK’s No.1 fish and chip shop in 2015 and its attention to sustainable sourcing of fish and shellfish had made it an obvious choice for a visit, he added.

The Fishmongers Hall Company is one of the 12 original City of London livery companies.