Sustainable Seafood

Provenance is very important to us at Frankie’s, and all our seafood comes from sustainable and well-managed local fisheries.

We hold MSC Chain of Custody status for the four species which account for 98 per cent of our fish and shellfish sales – haddock, mussels, scallops and crab.

We also have a three-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association which helps restaurants to source more sustainable food, and a 4.5 Blue Fish Award from Fish2Fork which campaigns for restaurants to sell sustainably-caught fish. Both of these ratings are the highest these organisations award.

Here, you can read our Fish Buying Policy and Environmental Policy.

The company that supplies Frankie’s Fish & Chips with its white fish is named Blydoit, which in Shetland dialect means “glad of it”. Blydoit employs 12 people including the fishermen on its own boat, the 24m Mizpah, a member of the Responsible Fishing Scheme. It also buys from the market.

Blydoit’s two shops, in Lerwick and Scalloway, are very popular with local consumers and the company supplies schools and the local hospital.

We work very closely with Blydoit and are in touch with the firm’s staff every day to discuss our supply needs.

Blydoit has gained Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) status for its sustainably-caught haddock, Frankie’s biggest-selling fish.

The mussels, crab and king scallops sold by Frankie’s are supplied by MSC-accredited Blueshell Mussels, which is based just along the road from us in Brae, although the firm has almost 50 farm sites dotted throughout the islands.

Blueshell employs 50 people on the growing, harvesting and processing sides of the business, making it the largest shellfish company in the UK. As with Blydoit, we work closely with Blueshell.

You can read more about the recognition that Frankie's has achieved here.

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