The seafood we source is of the highest quality. It is landed daily to our local market from the rich fishing grounds that surround Shetland waters.

At Frankie’s we are proud to support well-managed local fisheries. We achieved MSC Chain of Custody status for the four species which account for 98% of our fish and shellfish sales; haddock, mussels, scallops and crab.

When it comes to Frankie’s seafood, our menus offer sustainable species which are abundant, resilient and harvested in a way that does not damage the marine ecosystem.

We strive to promote sustainability for future generations by running the Frankie’s Fish Course in local schools. The course gives children the opportunity to learn about the fishing industry and why sustainable fishing is so important for Shetland’s community. They enjoy hands-on activities using whole fresh fish and shellfish, an experience which many children have never had before.

However, sustainability isn’t only about the fish! We encourage it in all aspects of Frankie’s, this includes our takeaway packaging which is 100% plastic free and totally bio-degradable. Any suitable food and packaging waste from our kitchens is turned into compost which can be used to grow the raw ingredients essential to create our delicious menus!‘