Frankie's Fish and Chips have been selected to feature in Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery, a new guide to the world’s truly exemplary, ethical, organic and sustainable restaurants and food experiences, created by 57 leading food writers from 45 countries.

Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery is a new dining guide designed to identify the restaurants that go above and beyond great food in the ethical, and environmentally sustainable ways in which they run their business.

Restaurants and chefs in recent years have been changing their priorities to focus more on supporting sustainability, using locally sourced produce and reducing waste.

At Frankie’s we pride ourselves on the sustainability of our fish and shellfish which is caught and landed at local markets in Shetland and processed locally. Ninety-eight per cent of these are MSC-certified, and all come from the incredibly rich waters around Shetland, meaning that they are not only sustainably caught or harvested, but that they are very low in food miles. We use as much of Shetland’s fantastic local produce as possible including meat, bread, milk, fudge and salt.

We are proud to promote our plastic free takeaway packaging at Frankie’s and try to reduce waste as much as possible in all aspects of the business including using any suitable food and packaging waste to create compost which is then used to grow our own produce in our Frankie’s polytunnel.

Here at Frankie’s we are thrilled to be included in a publication which shares the same values that we do. Check out the Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery Mission here.