Frankie's were delighted to be asked back to Bells Brae Primary School to do the Frankie's Fish Course for this years Primary 4 Classes.

We brought along a box of fresh fish, lobsters, mussels and sea creatures (thank you Blydoit, SSMG, Blueshell Mussels and Richard Grains). We gave a presentation on the different types of fish and why sustainability is so important.

Our chefs then cooked up some of the local seafood for the children to taste. The Frankie's Fish Course helps to encourage children to not only eat the recommended two portions of fish a week but also to try a wider variety of seafood.

All the staff at Frankie's were very excited to receive the excellent thank you card that the primary 4 classes had made for us. Many of the children wrote what their favourite part of the Fish Course was and eating the mussels and touching the lobsters seemed to both be a hit! We were also thrilled to get lots of drawings from the children along with the card and cannot wait to share these on our social media.